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Become a Breach Report partner and earn $4.99 every time a visitor to your website enters their email address and subscribes to the Breach Report monitoring service
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your user checks email [email protected] You earned $4,99

Our partners have earned $380k+ within the first two months of joining our affiliate program.

How much will I earn?
get $4.99 for each user that subscribes to Breach Report email monitoring services after being redirected from your website
Our experience shows
of all users check their email for breach
of all email checks convert to paid monitoring

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Affiliate marketing that fits all

Our affiliate program is open to everyone

who has a website with active users. Whether you're an established business or just starting out, Breach Report gives you the tools to earn more from each visit to your site

You don’t need to do anything:

You will simply earn money for offering your users extra online security

Users will appreciate your concern over their account security. You'll be rewarded with more user loyalty

How do I start earning?

Register at
Choose and install one of our assets (banners, iFrames or plugins) on your site
Thanks to the Tapfiliate , no lead will be lost. You get detailed info on every lead, conversion tracking and fast payments!
How does it work?
Option 1
Static banners for your website
On your website, a user clicks the Breach Report banner and is redirected to You will get paid once the user subscribes for email monitoring services.
Option 2
HTML banners for your website
On your website, the user checks their email address for breaches, and is redirected to for further actions. You will get paid once the user subscribes for email monitoring services.
option 2
Option 3
CMS Sign-in integration
By installing the Breach Report plugin in your CMS, a user who logs in or registers at the website will see a warning message if their email account has been compromised. If so, they can get a detailed report at the Breach Report portal, and you will be paid once the user successfully subscribes to monthly email monitoring.

20+ most popular cms plugins

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Partners say about us

About us

Who we are
Breach Report is a digital security platform that focuses on providing solutions for safe internet use, promoting cybersecurity awareness and bringing exclusive breach investigations into the spotlight
What makes us different
Our solution will monitor, identify, analyze and notify if your client or employee data is compromised or involved in a data breach incident.

Breach Report's scan technology will help you access additional revenue through add-on services that raise your customers' awareness of account security incidents, enabling them to act rapidly to changing circumstances.
We have one of the largest databases of breached accounts on the web:
12 932 748 563
email and counting

Earn money by making your users safe

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We present data from 2.6B emails leaked starting from 2006
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